Why Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass has come a long way over the years; it is now visually the same as real grass and feels much more pleasant to walk on. It has many unique benefits and is why people are opting for this as an alternative way to cover their space.

To maintain a lawn can be expensive and time consuming. An artificial lawn requires almost zero maintenance and provides you with a great looking lawn all year round. Whether you want to claim back the time spent on mowing or looking to save money on lawn maintenance an artificial lawn will do that.

You can select from a range of samples from sleek urban chic to a more rustic country style, always manicured, always looking its best, your garden will be the envy of the neighbourhood with an artificial lawn.

Simple to look after

Real grass requires annual maintenance and weekly trimming in the growing season. It is a lot of commitment especially if you have a busy life or pushing the lawn mower around is a struggle. Your shed can be free of a lawn mower, weed killer and grass food. Our grasses are UV resistant, colour fast and come with a 10 year guarantee.

Pet and Child Friendly

Artificial Grass is safer for kids if they were to have a fall whilst playing. No matter the weather children can play out without having to worry about muddy footprints or paws-it’s great for animals (especially dogs). Our grass is completely permeable and is cleaned much more easily than real grass and there will be no more yellow patches.

Durable and Soft

Artificial grass is hardwearing. It’s made from tough materials but will still feel soft and realistic as a real lawn. It’s resistant to everything modern life can throw at it, as well as impervious to weeds and resistant to drought and insect damage. Our lawns will look as good in ten years as they did when they were first laid.

No Dry Patches

Trees, animals, children and plants can all take a toll on your lawn. In the height of summer the sun can dry it out causing it to discolour. While in winter it becomes a muddy bog. With artificial grass you will never have those problems again. It’s always green. Regardless of what is growing nearby or what the weather, your pets or kids throw at it.