Choosing Artificial Grass, doesn’t mean the end of our UK wildlife

You may have heard that trading your natural grass for artificial means the end of wildlife in your garden. This doesn’t have to be the case, there is still a lot you can do to help our favourite creatures and critters in to your garden, this winter and throughout the year.


Feeding wildlife has become a regular habit with us spending around £200 million every year. Offering a nutritional boost to birds and other creatures can help them during the colder months when food can be scarce, a few snacks can make a big difference in extreme weathers to help feed their demanding young. As well as having the enjoyment of watching wildlife from your window.

Birds enjoy snacks such as regular seed mix, fat balls, sunflower hearts, nyger seeds, mealworms, apples and peanuts. These are all great for adding extra calories and offering an energy boost.

If you want to extend your invitation to our mammal friends, foods such as fruit, root vegetables or even dog food? Can attract hedgehogs, shrew, foxes and badges.


Make sure there’s fresh water available for birds to drink or bathe in. Keep bird baths filled with water, if frozen break the ice.

When the weather is warmer, placing a bowl of water in a shady spot in the evening, can help to encourage worms to surface for blackbirds and badgers.


Offering shelter such as bird houses and nest boxes are a great hidey hole for our feathered friends to enjoy their snacks, these can be attached to walls, trees and fences. Plant pots and tubs are also great for various creatures, whilst wood offers a nice home for insects and bees.


Knowing you can still enjoy your nature and wildlife in your garden with artificial grass is reassuring and eases any guilt away from those who are no longer able to care for natural grass.

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