Why Autumn is still a great month to give your garden a makeover.

The summer (if you can call it that) may be over, but it’s not too late to consider renovating your garden.

Yes, Autumn is here and its getting a little chilly, but there’s plenty of reasons to consider artificial grass over these next months. Here are a few of our favourites:

• With the summer just ending the slightest bit of rain will make your grass and those pesky weeds grown faster than ever. With artificial grass, there’s no mowing involved and during installation we lay a weed membrane down that banishes those unwanted weeds – never to be seen again!

• This season is renowned for rain; our lawns don’t like it and can become waterlogged. After this has happened it is almost impossible to revive your lawn. With artificial grass your lawn will never be boggy again, it has a drainage system that allows the water to drain through to the ground.

• Those beautiful children – with their muddy feet! We want to encourage our children to play out in the fresh air and embrace nature, but that comes at the price of dirty clothes and muddy feet – a kitchen floors nightmare! Artificial grass will save hours of cleaning floors, carpets and shoes, there’s no mud and no mess all year around – perfect.

• We love our furry friends – but not their muddy paws! With artificial grass our beloved pets can go out in the garden whatever the weather, they can play, roll around and still stay lovely, clean and your kitchen floors or carpets will be free from any unwanted dirt.

If that hasn’t tempted you enough to spruce up your garden, then another good reason is to get a head start on next year and be all set for the Spring.

Remember an artificial lawn is for all year around, it will look the same in any of the months…clean, green and virtually maintenance free!

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