Pets, especially dogs love artificial grass.

Infinity Greens artificial grass is great for dogs it is easy to maintain your pet will be able to play on it all year round without the need for having to keep them inside when you want to fertilise, mow, or weed your lawn using chemicals. Pets can be messy, but our artificial grass has […]

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Infinity Green goes Organic for the weekend.

Infinity Green, an Artificial Grass Company based in South Shields has teamed up with health cafe Happy Organic in Cleadon to provide customers with an alfresco dining experience with a difference. Infinity Green had brought their Artificial Grass to Cleadon’s main street outside Happy Organic, where they had a bistro style seating area so customers […]

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Artificial Grass – Becoming the Popular Choice

Artificial Grass has been around for about 50 years.  It was slow at taking off in the UK, but became popular for domestic lawns in the Southern States of America and the Middle East. The British love for horticulture has stood in its way…Until now! Over the years our lifestyles habits have changed and people […]

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