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Pets, especially dogs love artificial grass.

Posted by Clare Coogan

Infinity Greens artificial grass is great for dogs it is easy to maintain your pet will be able to play on it all year round without the need for having to keep them inside when you want to fertilise, mow, or weed your lawn using chemicals.

Pets can be messy, but our artificial grass has a strong durable surface that has a built in drainage system. You don’t have to worry about wear and tear from your dog trying to chew, dig up the grass or with staining and smells.

Artificial grass is permeable so urine drains through the surface and faeces can be easily removed, leaving behind a fresh, undamaged lawn. You won’t see any muddy patches on your artificial grass, nor will you see any muddy paw prints inside your house. You garden will stay looking as fresh as your floors, and your pet will be able to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Dog on artificial grass


Infinity Green goes Organic for the weekend.

Posted by Clare Coogan

Infinity Green, an Artificial Grass Company based in South Shields has teamed up with health cafe Happy Organic in Cleadon to provide customers with an alfresco dining experience with a difference.

Infinity Green had brought their Artificial Grass to Cleadon’s main street outside Happy Organic, where they had a bistro style seating area so customers could enjoy their ‘Herbal Tea on the Green’ alongside a super healthy ‘Green as Grass’ menu which included: Wheat grass Shots, Green Monster Smoothies, Super-Food Salad and Matcha Green Cupcakes.

Infinity Green wanted to display their grass to show customers that Artificial Grass has come a long way over the years from the luminous green you used to see in the grocers shop window. It’s now becoming more popular in the U.K with the elderly, families with children and those with pets. As lifestyles are changing people don’t have time to maintain a garden but still want it to look presentable.

Clare from Infinity said: “We were so glad to be teaming up with Happy Organic, it’s so important to support local businesses. It’s a great company who really care about the community and providing them with healthy food choices. That’s why we thought it would be the perfect location to display our Artificial Grass.”

The employees of Happy Organic went all out on the green theme by dressing up as sixties to give their customers the true hippy feel, which tied in nicely with the decor of grass table runners with wild flowers in them.

The weekend was a success and Happy Organic has decided they would like to keep the grass outside as a permanent feature.

Infinity Green 3